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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Extensive losses as a result of Easter Saturday fire in Roseau

Police and fire officials are still conducting their investigations into a major fire in the center of the city that destroyed a century-old building belonging to the Garraway.

According to Larry Bardouille a family member, the property belongs to Garraway Enterprises with storage downstairs, and Roderick “Roddy’ Role a family member lives upstairs.

He said that the damage suffered is “extensive since the building was used as a storeroom for spare parts for the company’s business.”

“We were alerted by a passerby about (3:30 pm) about smoke coming from upstairs the building, at the time there were three children also upstairs; the children came out and were taken away. By that time, the fire started increasing and raging in intensity,” Bardouille stated.

“I called the fire department but someone called them before I did and so I heard the sirens of the fire department echoing in the distance. This building has a long history behind it; in fact, it is over one hundred years old with a stone structure in the lower part,” he said.

“From what we have seen thus fire, I can report major damages to the contents of the storeroom. The firemen did their best, they responded well and we are pleased with the work they did. It appears to be very extensive inside; you know what we sell in the store so those were stored inside. We thank God we had no deaths and injuries, whenever you have a fire it is always a major loss to everyone.”

Bardouille said they are counting their losses and despite the accident, they will keep on doing business. “Once we have life we will keep on fighting that is life…we just praise God we had nobody killed and or injured, but like everything, we will pick up the pieces and bounce back,” Bardouille stated.

Jacqueline Lancaster Prevost is the owner of an adjoining building that also was engulfed with the nearby blaze.

“The artic of the building is gone, but downstairs, where the restaurant is located only got water, the upper part of the building, was empty and suffered major damages,” she said.

She also confirmed that the origin of the fire was from the house of the Garraway’s but refused to go further into the matter.  

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