Man arrested and charged for murder of Tricia Wiltshire

Murder accused Taino Roberts
Murder accused Taino Roberts with Magistrate's court in the back ground

Police have arrested and formally charged 31-year-old Taino Roberts of Castle Bruce for the murder of Tricia Wiltshire of Castle Bruce who resided in Stock Farm

According to police, 30-year-old Tricia Wiltshire of Castle Bruce, who resided at Stockfarm, was discovered lying naked in a pool of blood on the floor in her apartment about 8:30 PM on Sunday 24th January 2021.

Carbon stated that the discovery was made by a neighbour who went to investigate upon hearing screaming coming from her apartment and shortly thereafter, took a smell of liquefied petroleum gas coming from that apartment.

He said Wiltshire had sustained multiple lacerations to her neck, chest, and other parts of her body.

Roberts was brought before a Roseau Magistrate on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 2, 2021, where the charge of murder was read to him.

He was not required to enter a plea since murder is an indictable offense. He is represented by attorney at law Joshua Francis and is now on remand at the Stock Farm Prison.


  1. Nuff castle Bruce people will not comment here now they know who the Fucker be !!! But that you doing your sister cuzin ?? Wicked man hang that I say !!! Death for death !!

  2. Someone like that don’t deserve to be eating tax payers money.The death penalty that is what I would impose.

  3. If u knew that girl then u know y her friends and family are so furious. She bothered no one she was such a lovely girl at heart n if is truly mr that did that, he have to pay greatly n if the courts fail to make that happen, n set an example for them DA sacwai chien that full of wicked ways towards women, I sorry for the women in dominica. Today it’s not yall mother sister daughter etc. Its someone else’s but if they don’t make an example of this man, someone else will be singing that same song Tricia parents singing right now. The song of pain and wishing to see her alive atleast one more time. I’m hoping the judge will think of his kids, his wife, his sister’s, and all lil innocent girls of Dominica, b4 he makes his decision. The taking of her life should atleast make something positive happen. Let it be harsher punishment for men who or anyone who violates women.

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