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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Convicted Drug Trafficker Slapped with EC$18,000.00 Fine

A Barbados woman is now on remand at the Stock Farm Prison pending payment of a fine imposed on her for drug trafficking by Chief Magistrate Candia Carette George on Monday, January 11, 2021.

Thirty-year-old Shakira Sharell Bailey of Combermere Street, St. Michael, Barbados was processed at the Douglas Charles Airport in Dominica on Sunday, January 10, 2021, for a flight to Barbados when x-tray scans of her luggage sparked the suspicion of airport authorities that she might be carrying illicit drugs.

A search of Bailey’s luggage in her presence revealed the controlled substance Cannabis.

She admitted that the illegal drug which weighed 4,944.1 grams belonged to her, and she was arrested and charged.

The Barbadian woman was slapped with three-drug trafficking charges:  possession of cannabis, attempt to export out of Dominica a controlled drug and trafficking a controlled drug in a quantity of more than 28 grams, a total of 4,944.1 grams, with intent to supply.

Bailey pleaded guilty to all three charges.

Her lawyer Wayne Norde in his mitigation plea told the court that his client was remorseful for her actions, had cooperated fully with the authorities, and did not waste the court’s time as she owned up and pleaded guilty on her first court appearance.

He asked for a non-custodial sentence and said that his client was willing to pay a fine imposed by the court. “We beg you to temper justice with mercy, she is a first-time offender and places herself at the mercy of the court,” Norde said.

Chief Magistrate Carette-George said that drug trafficking was a “very serious offense” and while she would not impose a custodial sentence, she must send a clear and strong message to those wanting to engage in such practices.

For the charge of attempting to export a controlled drug out of Dominica, Bailey was fined EC$18,000.00 to be paid forthwith, in default six months in jail.

There were no separate penalties on the charge of possession of cannabis and trafficking a controlled drug (cannabis) in a quantity of more than 28 grams with intent to supply.

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