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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Police seeking help from the public in solving the country’s second homicide

The police have released the name of the female individual whose naked body was found in her house with several stab wounds on the evening of January 24, 2021, in Stock Farm.

According to the police, they received a call from a neighbor in the area about hearing some screams at the home of Tricia Wiltshire, and there was also a heavy gas smell coming from the building.

“On arrival, we found Tricia naked on a mattress lying in a pool of blood. The place was also scented with gas and found her burners of her gas stove were all opened,” the police told DBS Radio.

Tricia Wiltshire was 30 years old from Castle Bruce but at the time of the incident resided in Stock Farm and was employed at Perky’s Pizza in Roseau.

“We are investigating the suspicious death of Tricia Lazarine Wilshire and we are also seeking the help of the general public in providing us with whatever information that they may have as to what may have happened on the night of Sunday, January 24, 2021, at about 8 pm at Tricia’s home,” the police report stated.

Meantime, National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmoore in extending condolences to the family of the deceased said he was confident that the police will solve the crime.    

“My sympathies go out to the family and love ones of Miss Wiltshire and I am confident that the police will leave no stones unturned in actually finding the culprit/s,” Blackmoore said.

“The government has taken a very serious position on crimes in the country. You may recall that just recently a new Bail Act was enacted in Parliament making it more difficult for persons who are charged with serious offenses such as murder from getting bail.”

He emphasized that the government’s response on crime, will not adequately address the issues of crime but “a broader societal response is needed in dealing with such issues.”

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