Fisherfolks benefit from outboard motor engines

Fisher fokes receiving outboard engines
Fisher fokes signing documents and receiving Outboard Motor Engines

A number of Fisherfolks were this week given outboard motor engines under a World Bank Ministry of Agriculture fund project.

Norman Norris who is the fishers officer for the project explained that this was one of the components of the emergency Agriculture livelihoods and climate resilience project funded by the World Bank and forms part of component A, which is the restoration of the productive base for the agricultural livelihoods including cropping, livestock and fisheries systems.

Under this main component is a sub-component A2 which includes the restoration of the fisheries systems. USD$1.8 million dollars was allocated to the restoration of livelihoods of fisher folks and to repairing and reconstruction of boat and boat building facilities.

“Provision is made to assist fisher folk in restoring the fishing capacity by providing support to obtain new boats or engines, as well as assisting in the provision of tools and equipment for boat building facilities.” He said.

“At the close of the Fisheries Expressions of interest applications, the project received a total of 300 applications with 180 for engines, 115 for boats, and 5 for canoes. Based on the set-out criteria, 98 fishers were approved for engines,” Norris stated.

The project purchased 108 Yamaha outboard motor engines at a cost of EC one million, seven hundred and fifty-eight thousand dollars. The engines comprised of sixty-six (68) 50 horsepower 4 strokes and forty (40) 100 horsepower 4 stroke engines. The cost of one Yamaha 50 horsepower 4 stroke engine is EC$17,500 while the 100 horsepower cost EC$25,300.00.

In receiving the engines, the fishers were required to sign a Fisheries Beneficiary Agreement with the project on behalf of the ministry binding them to agree to use the engine for the sole purpose of fishing.