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Mobile Medical Unit donated by Sagicor Insurance damaged

General Manager of Sagicor Life Dominica Cheryl Rolle says she is extremely “upset and unhappy” at the condition of US$100,000 dollars mobile unit donated to the Ministry of Health and the Government and people of Dominica.

On Friday, February 16, 2018, Sagicor Life Inc., the leading insurance company in the Caribbean donated a fully customized, mobile medical unit to the Government of Dominica.

The unit, purchased by Sagicor, in collaboration with Doctors In Our Circle, Ray Asta, Ministry of Health, and Friends of Sagicor, to support and respond to the immediate needs of the people of Dominica post Hurricane Maria. 

The Mobile Medical Unit is parked on the grounds of the Roseau Health Center and is damaged.

The extensive outfitting of the Mobile Medical Unit ensured that it contained a wide range of facilities including, but not limited to:

 – Two examination rooms with beds, Fuel and Water Tanks
 – A Generator,  – Refrigeration Unit and Medicine Storage
 – A Wheel Chair Lift

“I am very upset; I have tried my best to contact the powers that be to mobilize the mobile medical unit because it could have been used to do the PRC testing now it is damaged because of the forestry division,” Rolle said.

“It is very embarrassing it is sitting there a total mess and full of mildew I just wish I could send it to the people of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.”

Cecilia St. Hilaire was also part of Doctors In Our Circle who was activated to ensure that the donation of the mobile medical unit reaches Dominica. She also expressed disappointment at the condition of the mobile medical unit. She calls the situation “heartbreaking.”

 “It is really heartbreaking to see where it is now, if it cannot be put to good use and is going to be parked where it is indefinitely, then we are willing to work with a private sector, have it reclaimed, and in collaboration with Sagicor and let us put it to good use for the people of Dominica to whom it was donated,” St. Hilaire stated.

The services that can be provided at the mobile medical clinic include comprehensive medical screening, cancer screening, specialist clinics, HIV and immunization testing as well as a general response to medical crises during disasters, disease outbreaks, and other activities of national importance.

The Mobile Medical Unit was outfitted and branded in Ohio, driven down to the Miami port, moved onto a barge which first went to Jamaica, and, a few stops later, drove off the port of Roseau.

Sagicor supported the acquisition of the bus from a financial perspective donating US$100,000 to purchase.

All efforts by Nature Isle News (NIN) at reaching top health officials on the island to get comments on the situation has so far proved futile.


  1. People don’t appreciate their own.Sone other country would have utilized it better.Itvalso break my heart since I go to the health center and see where it is parked and is badly damaged.
    We need to do better than that ministry of health.

    What a waste!!!!

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