Quarantine facility users advised to be considerate

Principal Nursing Officer, Terrila Ravalier
Principal Nursing Officer at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), Terrila Ravalier

Principal Nursing Officer, Terrila Ravalier is urging quarantine facility users not to remove items from the facility without permission during their stay at the facility. Nurse Ravalier made the comment as she updated the nation on the status of the facilities during the Ministry of Health briefing on Friday, 29th May 2020.

She stated that the Government has been very accommodating and has tried very hard to ensure those quarantined are very comfortable.

“The government, along with the Ministry of Health, continues to demonstrate its high level of consideration to our very own Dominicans who have been stranded abroad. Therefore, the quarantine facility is there to facilitate and support persons returning home.

“I urge the persons in the quarantine facility and those listening to continue to comply and work with the staff. Always be respectful to the staff and be reasonable with your requests that you may have. Adhere to the rules and guidelines of the facilities. And please, refrain from tampering, and more so, removing or leaving with items that belong to the facility,” she warned.

She continued, “All items that are made available for use have to be accounted for as well as these items are needed for use by others. Not only is it our responsibility to serve you, but it has also become our pleasure to be part of the team caring for you and protecting our country. So we urge you to think of us and think of the others who may need these services and these facilities.”

Meanwhile, persons may spend less time at the quarantine facilities as part of a new quarantine management operation plan being adopted by the Ministry of Health.

“As of this week, persons admitted to the quarantine facility will have a nasal swab test done, which is, the PCR testing on day 4 at the facility. If the test result is positive this person will be transferred to the COVID 19 Isolation Unit for onward management by the medical team.

“If the test result is negative, quarantine continues at the facility, and a repeat, which is the second nasal swab test, will be done on day 6. If the repeat test is negative, which should take about 24 hours to obtain the results, hopefully, which should be about day 7, the person is cleared for home to continue quarantine for the duration of another 7 days and to be monitored by the district team.

“Previously, we had 14 days quarantine without the testing being done. Presently, we are going to have two tests done whereby, one on day 4 and if the result is negative it will be repeated on day 6. On day 7, we obtain the results and if it is negative again, persons are to be cleared to continue another 7 days at home. However, if day 6 result is positive, these persons will be transferred to the COVID-19 Isolation Unit,” she reiterated.

She further stated that this new measure will assist in the number of days that persons spend in the quarantine facility.

As of May 29th, 2020 a total of 316 persons have been admitted for quarantine. Off that total, 245 have been discharged and a further 191 persons from the facility have had a nasal swab done.

A total of 48 persons have had second swabbing tests done since the new approach to health management at the quarantine facilities. Presently, there are 69 persons quarantined at the four facilities functioning in Portsmouth.

Dominica has had a total of 16 active cases with all 16 persons successfully recovered and sent home.