Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Multiverse Games & Experiences proudly invites you to come and explore the innovation now available at Dominica’s first Virtual Reality Arcade.
This new venture is the collaborative effort of the team at Open Solutions LTD that started as a humble endeavor within the festive ambiance of Christmas Village in 2021 at the Bayfront.

Since then it has swiftly evolved into a groundbreaking venture, reshaping the landscape of technology and entertainment in Dominica. More than just a gaming center, Multiverse Games & Experiences offers a gateway to a magnitude of unforgettable immersive experiences.
Our vision is to transport visitors to realms they’ve only dreamed of, whether you’re diving into immersive educational activities, embarking on thrilling adventures, or competing against friends, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, young or old.
We aim to redefine entertainment in Dominica by offering experiences that transcend the
ordinary, leaving lasting impressions on every visitor to foster connection and create a space for social engagement, where families, friends, companies, and colleagues can come together to bond over shared adventures.

Lastly, through our curated selection of experiences, we aspire to spark curiosity and ignite the spirit of discovery in every participant. Whether it’s collaborative games like Golf for corporate team-building exercises, unforgettable journeys for families, or multiplayer thrills facing off against hordes of zombies, there’s excitement awaiting all.
Kids can unleash their creativity and energy with engaging and enriching games like Fruit
Ninja and Angry Birds, while gamers of all types will find their paradise with a curated selection of games guaranteed to satisfy.
For those who may not consider themselves gamers, Multiverse Games & Experiences offers a gateway to adventure, from underwater excursions to thrilling roller coaster rides, tours of the solar system, and much more. To date, visitors have been virtually blown away. According to Trilla G, “We came a long way from the average game shops…me and my bro had a great time”.
Do not be left behind so join us at Multiverse Games & Experiences, located in Roseau between the intersection of Long Lane and Bow Lane, as we embark on a journey into the extraordinary. For more information and to book your virtual reality experience, visit our website