Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Police Officers are yet to be paid by the DFC

Yet again the Dominica Festival Commission (DFC) has failed to pay us police officers for work done at the World Creole Music Festival. We left our homes and families to work at the festival, expecting to get paid.

The regulations clearly state that any place where the public pays to enter is a place of entertainment and the police ensuring the security of the patrons must get paid. It is unfair that artists are paid thousands of dollars and we the police who have to secure them on arrival at the airport or seaport cannot get paid the little pittance owed to us.

It’s not the first time we have to beg the festival commission to pay us. To host events you must have a budget and security ought to form part of your budget so pay us what you owe us.



  1. They dont deserve to get paid period…the government hired u guys to protect n serve the community but u guys came to fight us, disrespect us and you dont perform ur duties. So good for u guys…u disrespect the public so they disrespect u..stand n take it

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