Friday, May 24, 2024
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Gerald Fregiste appointed to act as Labour Commissioner

Gerald Fregiste has been appointed to act in the post of Labour Commissioner in Dominica effective April 1, 2024, by the Felix Gregoire-led Public Service Commission (PSC).

Fregiste comes to that post with no background in Labour relations matters. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance/accounting and holds a post as an economist with the Government of Dominica.

Recently has been acting in the post of “Accountant General” but has reverted to his substantive post as “economist.”

Kelvin Pacquette has for the past two years been acting as Labour Commissioner in Dominica.



  1. Whatever that Gerald Fregiste do to you, he well do. You always up in the man business and so eager to put out information about him. The information you have to put out is right under bed. Time will tell!! Just shows how much you admire someone and is jealous of them! Shameless! Piece of Shit! The article does not even make sense, but you are so eager to let it off. Joker!

    • We are putting out your comments to show how myopic you are…let the readers see you for who you are a coward. Always remember when you send comments we have you computer IP information hence we always know who you are so you can’t hide…


    • I am not ven sure what you are saying. The reporter indicated the individual’s qualifications and also mentioned that he has no background in the post he is placed in. What’s wrong with that? Dominica is going down simply because we continue to place people in positions they have no competencies to hold, yet we persist. This brainless actions must stop if are serious about or country’s development. It’s not about who you like and who is your friend, it’s about Dominica and what we want in the future. This is how Papa Doc started the systematic destruction of Haiti placing his friends and relatives in positions they were not qualified for. Can you imagine this guy in a high level meeting at the ILO with all these PhDs and who are involve in this line of work for decades. Come on we need to do better than this. Carlisle hold your head up.

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