Friday, June 9, 2023
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With International Day of Charity approaching (Sun 5 Sept.), local Barbadian businessman Kirk Dawson of 13° North Productions, is celebrated for recently donating a much-needed microwave to the Sisters and staff of Alford Ward, after receiving care at the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital.  

On the island of Dominica as part of the Production Team for the Royal Caribbean Cruises campaign, Kirk broke his arm [playing basketball in the village of Soufriere] after a location-scouting day. After surgery on his right arm, he was placed on Alford Ward to recuperate. Before he was discharged, the nurses invited him to Sunday lunch which consisted of home-cooked Dominican cuisine, a meal that had to be planned and prepared early in the morning before their shift. It was during lunch that he learned they were unable to heat their meals while at work as the microwave was not working. Moved by their dedication, humility, and the kindness he received while they worked under the circumstances, he was compelled to help. His first thought was to donate what they seemed to need most: a microwave and made the donation before he left the island.

Sister Edmund, in charge of Alford Ward, expressed her delight at the donation: “Our microwave for staff use malfunctioned and we needed to purchase a new one as it couldn’t be repaired. We got a surprise visit from our recently discharged patient Kirk Dawson and his wife, carrying a huge gift-wrapped package! Imagine our surprise and elation when we realized it was a brand new microwave for us. He knew we really needed one!  We extend our thanks and appreciation for his thoughtfulness and blessing us with this gift!”

Kirk Dawson of 13° North Productions, stated: “I received incredible care from the staff and nurses, with Sister Edmund being the first Sister I met.  I saw them working in a ward that was understaffed and they endured long hours to ensure we received the necessary patient care.  While I was extremely thankful and humbled by the lunch invitation, I was saddened there was no provision for them to have a hot meal during that time, while on duty. We all know how important it is to have a hot meal during the day.  With so many in need during the pandemic, essential workers, particularly nurses, are to be lauded for their tireless dedication.”

The 13° North Productions team is safely back in Barbados/on the island and Kirk is slowly healing from his injury. He remains in contact with Sister Edmund at the hospital.

The team believes in giving back where they can with team members who have participated in a community-wide clean-up after the volcanic eruption in St Vincent and volunteering with the James Street Methodist Church’s Feeding Programme and assisting as a part of the Staging Team during Breast Cancer Month.