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NOTICE- Central Credit Union Special General Meeting


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT a Special General Meeting of the Central Co-operative Credit Union Limited will be held on Thursday, October 6th, 2022, at 6:00 p.m.

The meeting will be held at the Truth & Grace Fellowship Church on Independence Street, Roseau. The reason for the meeting is to consider a members’ petition:

(a) for the purpose of reviewing the conduct of the Board of Directors of the CCCUL as regards its administration of the finances of the CCCUL and related matters, and

(b) to determine the continued existence of the present Board and its necessary replacement.


1. Ascertainment of Quorum

2. Call to Order

3. Credit Union Prayer

4. Adoption of Agenda

5. Apologies for Absence

 6. Opening Remarks by President

7. Reading of Standing Order of Meeting

8. Presentation by Supervisory & Compliance Committee

9. Presentation by Petitioners 10. Presentation by the Board of Directors

11. Discussion

12. Vote of Thanks

13. Adjournment

There will be no additional business other than the items contained in the agenda. The wearing of masks and the sanitization of hands will be implemented.

By Order of the Board of Directors

 ______________________ Romualda Hyacinth

(Mrs.) Secretary