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Breaking News-Small aircraft crashes at Canefield Airport

Airport officials in Dominica are presently investigating the cause of a small Cessna Aircraft that crashed at the Canefield Airport earlier today.

Nature Isle News (NIN) understands that the two occupants of the aircraft (the pilot and his wife) escaped unhurt.

In a brief interview, he stated, “I was taking off and got pushed by the sheer winds…but we are all okay.”

The Canefield Airport (IATADCFICAOTDCF) is an airport on the west coast of the island nation of Dominica. It is 3 miles (5 km) north of Roseau, the capital. Construction began in early 1979 with British funding, shortly after Dominica’s independence.[4] The airport was officially opened in 1982.[5] It is one of only two airports in the island nation of Dominica, the other being Douglas-Charles Airport.

It has one runway 01/19, which measures 3,130 by 75 feet (954 by 23 meters). Runway 01 has a 500-foot displaced threshold. There is mountainous terrain to the east, and rising terrain north and south, with the Caribbean Sea to the west. Commercial operators require proficiency checks for their crews to be able to operate at the airport.

Most of these flights operate with turboprop and piston aircraft such as the DHC-6 Twin OtterBeechcraft King AirFreighters, and private aircraft.



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