Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Curth Charles is the new CEO of NCCU

The National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU) Ltd, “Your Community Financial Partner” is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Curth Charles, in the position of Chief Executive Officer.

The National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU) Ltd, is an amalgamation of seven (7) credit unions – the Roseau, St Paul, La Salette, St David’s, Vieille Case, Castle Bruce, and South Eastern Cooperative Credit Unions, into one mega entity.  The NCCU Ltd, established on November 1, 2010, is a financial institution wholly owned and operated with cooperative principles by and for its members, numbering over 50,000.

With over seventeen (17) years of employment experience in the credit union movement from 2006, Mr. Charles has served in various leadership positions, commencing with the position of General Manager at the La Salette Cooperative Credit Union Ltd from September 2009. Other notable positions held by him include the Branch Manager of the La Salette, St Paul, and Roseau Branches of the NCCU Ltd, and most recently, the Chief Financial Officer of the NCCU Ltd.

Mr. Charles is a qualified Finance and Accounting professional and has attained the status of FCCA (Fellowship Chartered Certified Accountant) from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). He is the holder of a Master of Science in Professional Accountancy (with Merit) from the University of London; and a Bachelor of Science Degree (with Honours) from Oxford Brookes University.

Other professional qualifications include:

  • International Credit Union Development Educator
  • Certified Chief Financial Officer
  • Certified International Financial Reporting Standards Specialist

Mr. Charles possesses a sound knowledge of business and has an in-depth understanding of the financial industry, with extensive training and experience in financial management and exceptional member service.  Mr. Charles demonstrates strategic thinking and planning and is dedicated and committed to the Credit Union movement.

According to Mr. McDowill Paul, President of the NCCU Ltd, the Board of Directors is confident that Mr. Charles is an excellent choice to implement the 2023 – 2026 strategic plan, set out under the guidance and directorship of the Board of Directors and to continue to lead the ongoing re-branding of the National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU) Ltd.

Mr. Charles possesses the requisite skills and capabilities to lead the Management Team, who will in turn provide the necessary guidance and support to the staff of NCCU Ltd.

The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer fittingly commences to serve in his new role on

November 1, 2023, as the National Cooperative Credit Union Ltd celebrates its 13th Anniversary.