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Breaking News-Lawyer Norde claims police kidnapped his client from the Prison and sent him out of Dominica

A legal battle is presently ongoing at the High Court in Roseau over the decision by the police to deem Quincley E Poppen aka Jovanny Johnaton Williams a “prohibited immigrant” and hence removed from the island.

Poppen has been residing in Dominica since 2018 and is the father of two young children. He arrived on the island on a St. Kitts passport bearing the name Jovanny Johnaton Williams which police say was a fraud. However, when questioned by Poppen’s lawyer Wayne Norde he was told that while “deportation allows for due process” and Poppen had a St. Kitts passport that was not revoked by St. Kitts, he was deemed a “prohibited immigrant by the Minister of National Security under the Immigration Act.

A bulletin from Curacao shows that Quincley Emmanuel Poppen who now goes by the name of Jovanny Johnaton Williams was wanted for armed robbery.

According to a letter dated June 27, 2024, from Deputy Chief of Police Lincoln Corbette stating, “Dear Mr. Poppen, please be informed that you were deemed to be a prohibited immigrant by the Honourable Minister for National Security and Legal Affairs under Section 5 (1) (f) of the Immigration and Passport Act Chapter 18:01 of the Laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica, 2017. Therefore, you are to depart the Commonwealth of Dominica with immediate effect.”

According to court documents, the accused man was arrested on June 21, 2024, and charged with the offenses of “battery and breach of a protection order.”

He was taken to court in Marigot on June 26, 2024, and pleaded “not guilty” No application was made for bail at that time hence he was remanded at the Dominica State Prison and the matter adjourned to July 19, 2024, for trial in Marigot.

However, at 6 am on Friday, June 28, 2024, he was taken by police out of the prison brought to the airport, and placed on a flight to St. Maarten.

At the court hearing, acting Police Chief Davidson Valerie in answer to questions from Justice Colin Williams stated that Poppen was “not deported” and on the day that he was escorted by two police officers to the airport he “agreed to be allowed to depart and the State purchased his ticket.

Lawyer Norde stated that “the authority of the court was flagrantly disregarded by police and prison service.”

“My client was not afforded due process in terms of how this entire matter unfolded. He was kidnapped by the police from the Dominica State Prison. The police presented a warrant to bring the client to the court at 9 am…I feel very passionate about the role of the police. That is to protect. Also, there must be respect for the court process and rules especially when persons are in custody. Same sentiment for prison services,” Norde stated.

“He was taken from prison at 6 am and brought to the airport on Friday morning. He begged the police to contact his lawyer but they never did. As the court said this is scary and must stop.”

Norde also explained that the Commissioner of Police claimed that his client consented to his removal from the State, but the facts presented in court and what his client says show otherwise.

“I intend on taking this matter to the highest court and we are also making efforts to make a complaint to the International Courts,” Norde stated.

During his time in Dominica, he was employed as chief security officer at a hotel on the island.

The office of the Attorney General has already conceded and is to make submissions to the court after which Justice Williams will deliver his decision in the matter.



  1. My gosh… i love it when you can run but cannot hide.

    I wonder in which hotel he was working as Chief Security snd what qualified him for that position.

  2. I thought it was only courts that issued deportation orders?

    I guess that’s only in real countries. Looks like in banana republics like Dominica it’s different.

  3. This is just to show you that the commissioner and his associates have no clue what they’re doing and they should be held accountable and resign immediately. This is a shame. We all can see that they’re political puppets. The commissioner and his Deputy knows that only the court can extradite someone to be tried in another country. What is wrong with this Police force lord. These political stooges have gone crazy and will do anything to stay in position. My God. I hope the Judge jail one of them. Ridiculous


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