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Grenadian lawyer George Prime suspended from practicing law


Prominent criminal lawyer George Prime said he will not appeal the decision of the General Legal Council to suspend him from practicing law in Grenada for the next 6 months. “My lawyer has recommended I appeal but I will not be appealing…my current matters will either be adjourned or I will make a decision to hand over documents to other lawyers,” Prime said when asked to confirm the ruling and the future of his matters before the court.

Prime is a former Senator and served as Minister of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs from 2008 to 2013.

The General Legal Council decided to suspend the former magistrate earlier in the week after he was found in breach of relevant sections in the Legal Profession Act. This Act provides for the regulation of the legal profession, for the qualification, enrolment, and discipline of its members, and related matters.

The Council according to the law shall be concerned with the legal profession, and with regulating and upholding standards of professional conduct. The Council holds disciplinary hearings to legally resolve matters between clients and attorneys, and its recommendations have already caused 2 lawyers to be debarred.

Prime’s matter before the Council involves the non-transfer of funds to a client following the sale of a property in Carriacou dating back to 2019, but was heard by the Council in 2021. He is among several lawyers about whom the Council has received complaints.

An attorney or lawyer, according to the legislation can have his practicing certificate suspended if he or she is an undischarged bankrupt, or there is in force against him, a receiving order in bankruptcy; Declared a person of unsound mind by a qualified medical practitioner; Failure to pay any fine, compensation, or reimbursement or costs ordered by the Council to be paid by him, or without having otherwise complied with any order of the Council and after having had an order made against him for the issue of a writ of attachment.

Following a decision to suspend or remove an attorney from the list of people allowed to practice law, the Registrar of the court shall make the appropriate alteration in the Roll and publish the appropriate notice in the Government Gazette.

An official within the legal community said that the notice of suspension is set to be published in an upcoming publication of the weekly gazette.

The legislation further recommends that during the period of suspension of an attorney-at-law from practicing law, no Practicing Certificate shall be issued to him, and any Practicing Certificate issued to him before such suspension, ceases to be valid for the period of that suspension. An attorney-at-law who continues to practice while on suspension can be charged for an offence and is liable on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding $10,000.