Monday, October 2, 2023
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National Footballer arrested and charged with robbery

National footballer Donan Jervier has been arrested and charged for a Robbery on Wednesday 16th August 2023 in the Grandbay area where a sales truck of Issa Trading Ltd was robbed of over $12,000.00.

JERVIER appeared in court and was remanded at the State’s Prison in Stock Farm pending trial.

Nature Isle News (NIN) will continue to investigate this matter and bring you more details when it becomes available.



  1. I could be wrong but I’m of the opinion that stating the amount of money the trucks travel with will further increase the possibility of them getting robbed.

  2. Another young’un who wasted tax payers’ money and squandered his chances. I bet he’ll soon be back saying the “system pressed him.

  3. Deformation of one character mr journalist, facts should be presented n acquire before putting out false information!

  4. He was arrested and charge but has not be found guilty of the crime why is his face posted why is his picture been broadcasted. I tell you what only in Dominica long I would find who ever it is and jah jah jah

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