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Dominica Law Enforcement Personnel Undergo IOM ToT on Border Management

Roseau, Dominica – May 21, 2024: The International Organization for Migration (IOM) successfully concluded its comprehensive Training-of-Trainers (ToT) program on key topics in immigration and border governance from May 15 to 16, 2024. This initiative, held in Roseau, brought together a group of law enforcement officers to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct effective training sessions, which will be cascaded to a broader audience of government officials across Dominica in the upcoming months.

The ToT program focused on creating a pool of competent trainers capable of disseminating critical knowledge on immigration and border governance. The two-day training featured a well-rounded agenda designed to build both foundational and advanced skills.

On the first day, participants were introduced to the program’s strategic goals, global migration dynamics, diverse learning modalities, and effective methodologies for audience engagement. The second day delved into specific topics such as the management of identity and travel documents, regulatory frameworks for migration, and strategies for trafficking in persons and migrant smuggling, among others. The training also included material on how gender impacts the various policies as it concerns migrants.

According to the Inspector in charge of immigration, Deryck St. Rose, “This training is important to provide us [immigration] with a better understanding of what to look for when people move from other countries to Dominica.” He expressed the need to be equipped with this knowledge to share it with other officers.

Participants like Corporal of Police, Pertrina Dupigny expressed her enthusiasm and the value she gained from the training.

“Normally, you would hear of human trafficking, and you think of someone taking somebody from one place to another for illegal purposes. But when you delve into the whole material, you realize how much more the human trafficking and smuggling of migrants involves and the various trials and tribulations that the migrants must go through. It’s touching especially when it concerns children,” explained Dupigny.

Following the successful completion of the ToT, participants are scheduled to cascade this training to other government officials in the upcoming months. The cascade training will mirror the comprehensive agenda of the ToT, ensuring a consistent and thorough dissemination of knowledge.

The IOM’s Training-of-Trainers program represents a strategic investment in the professional development of Dominica’s immigration and customs officers. “By building a cadre of skilled trainers, the program aims to strengthen the country’s border governance and enhance the capacity of government officials to manage migration effectively,” said IOM Facilitator Vynliz Dailey.