Friday, May 24, 2024
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ERC extends congratulations to King Dice and writer Pat Aaron

The Electoral Reform Coalition (ERC) extends sincere congratulations to Dennison Joseph King Dice on his major accomplishment of achieving his tenth Calypso Monarch Crown at the recently held finals of the Dominica Calypso Association on Saturday 10th February 2024.  Congratulations are also extended to King Dice on winning the 2024 Road Match King thereby rendering him a historic double King. 

This achievement by King Dice, the first since the calypso competition was introduced almost 70 years ago, can only be considered as exceptionally heroic and historic.  Dice’s talent in this art form is demonstrated with a high level of mastery, consistency, and professionalism.  Dominica has witnessed the growth and maturity of Dice over the years.

The contribution of Pat Aaron, as the songwriter for King Dice, must be recognized and these two gentlemen must be awarded the national accolades that they both deserve.  In this regard, the ERC will recommend Pat Aaron and King Dice to be awarded at the independence celebrations of 2024.

In recognition of King Dice’s contribution to the development of the Calypso art form, his tenacity, unapologetic boldness in confronting the ills of society and to challenge those in echelons of power in the Commonwealth of Dominica, the ERC will collaborate with Mas Camp in ensuring that the message from Dice’s calypsos reach every corner of Dominica and the region in the upcoming months.

The ERC notes with particular interest King Dice’s concern for Electoral Reform as expressed in his lyrics, adding a strong voice in the struggle and resistance for comprehensive electoral reform.

The ERC appeals to the Dominica Festival Commission and the Government of Dominica to stop the suppression of King Dice and afford him the opportunities that he deserves and has worked hard for, by featuring him unconditionally in the lineup of the 2024 World Creole Music Festival and to facilitate his participation in national, regional, and international events that he has been unfortunately denied.

The ERC will remain supportive of Ten Times Monarch King Dice and will be available to assist him in whatever way possible in continuing his journey of developing his talent for the benefit of the Dominican people.  We, therefore, appeal to all Dominicans at home and abroad to cherish that gift God has blessed the nation with as we continue the struggle to rescue Dominica from the clutches of a growing dictatorship and to save the nation from economic collapse.