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Kerlson Lewis AKA “Tin Head” told court he was hungry so he was forced to thief

25-year-old Kerlson “Tin Head” Lewis of Yam-Piece Stock Farm was sentenced to 18 months in jail by Senior Magistrate Michael Laudat after he pleaded guilty to the charge of theft.

Brief Facts on the Matter

On Saturday, August 19, 2023, at about 12:30 pm, the complainant Lucien Joie a Dominican who resides in Guadeloupe left a rented apartment in St. Aroment along with four friends and went on a road trip. They returned home at about 9:15 pm that evening and when Joie went to the bedroom, he observed that his suitcase was ransacked. His friends also told him that their suitcases were also ransacked.

He then checked a closet located on the eastern side of his bedroom and observed a multi-colored purse, one iPhone 12 PRO MAX EC$400.00 and EURO-330.00 in cash were missing. He then made a report to the caretaker of the house who then made a report to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).  

On Sunday 20, August 2023, having received certain information, the police went to St. Aroment and spoke with Joie, they then applied for and obtained a search warrant for the home of Kerlson Lewis and recovered one iPhone 12 PRO MAX, EC$35.00 and EURO-40, he was cautioned and taken to police headquarters.

At CID he gave an accused statement and admitted to entering the house and stealing the iPhone, EC$400 and EURO-300.

After he pleaded guilty to the offense of theft and heard the facts read, Magistrate Laudat told him that the offense carries a 7-year jail sentence so he needs to tell him why he should not be sent to jail for the offense since he has other related offenses and is not new to the court.


Lewis who was unrepresented conducted his own mitigation and told the court the reason why he should not be sent to jail is because he is not “an ideal man.”

“The last time I came from jail I went straight to look for work…I am not an ideal young man, I have sent applications to S-Mart and various contractors but was told things are slow,” he said.

He told the court that the reason he took the money is because he was “hungry.”

“I asked my mom for $5.00 she told me she did not have it and was going to church; I felt a pain in my stomach, I was hungry, and felt I was going to die, I stole the money because of hunger, I went to the house, I am wrong, I apologize, yes I have to be punished, but I did it because I was hungry, I am begging for leniency God above knows.”


Before sentencing, Magistrate Laudat told him, “When people come to our island allow them to enjoy the Nature Isle.” He was then sentenced to 18 months in jail. Before departing Joie told the court that the phone was recovered and working and then he and Lewis attended school together in Dominica. He said that he was not bothered about the balance of the money, but thanked the police for their swift action and assistance.



  1. If you’re quoting the exact words of the individual then use quotation marks. Otherwise the word is steal…not thief.

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