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Police Welfare Association (PWA) condemns unfortunate burglary


On behalf of the Police Welfare Association (PWA), I want to strongly condemn the recent and unfortunate burglary that occurred at the St. Joseph Police Station and the theft
of firearms and ammunition.

The Police Welfare Association is also very concerned about the manpower shortage that presently exists in the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force (CDPF).
I call on those who were involved in the burglary and theft of firearms to surrender
the firearms. I appeal further to members of the public who know about the burglary and theft to come forward and assist the Police in the investigation of those crimes.

The Police Welfare Association has over the past six years repeatedly appealed to
the Police Command to address the existing manpower shortage at the out-district
police stations since such a shortage would negatively impact the proficiency and
productivity of the CDPF.

The Police Welfare Association nevertheless expresses sympathy to and solidarity with those hard-working men at the out-district police stations who have withstood attacks at their stations and survived working under exceptionally poor working conditions including limited human resources to effectively operate their stations in times of crisis.

The Police Welfare Association also strongly condemns the unfortunate failure of
the Chief of Police, immediately following the burglary at the St. Joseph Police
Station, to treat certain subordinate Police Officers politely, respectfully, and
professionally. The Chief of Police by his actions abused his position as the highest-ranking officer in the CDPF by physically attacking his subordinate officer.

The Police Welfare Association thinks that this recent and unfortunate action by the Chief of Police can only further deteriorate the morals of Police officers and by extension the trust of the public in the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force (CDPF). There is no question that any physical assault by the Chief of Police on any person arrested for a criminal offense must be strongly condemned.

The Police Welfare Association further believes that at a time in the country’s history
and being mindful that policing is more demanding than ever and criminals in their
nefarious acts have become more brazen, there is an urgent need for members of the
CDPF to be united and to consolidate their efforts to fight against these threats.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed a significant decline in discipline and esprit de
corps in the CDPF during the tenure of our current Chief of Police. For example, it
is well known that several experienced and competent officers have either resigned
or taken early retirement from the force due to what can reasonably be described as
the personal shortcomings of our current Chief of Police.

It is also well known that the personal shortcomings of our current Chief of Police
which negatively impacts the proficiency and productivity of the CDPF including his
weak management and poor leadership skills, his open display of favoritism in
terms of promotion, and his lack of vision coupled with his repugnant attitude
towards the rank and file.

The Police Welfare Association believes that it is not in the interest of the CDPF to continue with this poor leadership or lack thereof, along with the current low morale among the rank and file, which certainly does not in any way, shape, or form auger well for the discipline and betterment of the CDPF. Consequently, the Police Welfare Association strongly advises that it would be in the best interest of the CDPF if the responsible authority would make the necessary arrangements to urgently address the deplorable circumstances concerning the command of the Police Force.



  1. As usual, the Association mixes issues, confuses everyone, and does not focus its energies on what really matters. A very poorly written document.

    Pure commess, dat!

  2. what a waste
    now all you hear about de robbery?
    or perhaps all you too embarrassed that is 2 police officers that all you have as suspects?

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