Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Two Vincentians were denied bail on charges of trafficking cocaine

Two Vincentian nationals have been denied bail by the Magistrate’s Court in Roseau after they were arrested and charged with drug trafficking offenses.

The men Phillon Kevin Joseph and Jamel Cordice Delpeche are charged with possession with intent to supply cocaine to another. The amount is 500,073 thousand grams of cocaine, the incident took place on May 20, 2024, in Delice.

The men who are represented by Wayne Norde of the law firm of Norde & Lambert opted for a high court trial hence they were not required to enter a plea. The matter was adjourned to September 25, 2024, at La Plaine for the commencement of the preliminary inquiry.

The prosecuting team headed by police sergeant Boycott Yankey told the court that since the men were arrested at a hotel, did not have a fixed place of residence in Dominica were “flight risk” and granting them bail “was not in the interest of the state.”

He further contended that “the police were also in pursuit of another individual and granting the men bail would hinder the investigations.”

Quoting section 7 (1) c of the Bail Act Sgt Yankey also reminded the court of the seriousness of the offense and its prevalence in the Dominica society.

However, their lawyer Wayne Norde rebutted, stating that not being national of Dominica was not enough not to grant them bail and that they were “CARICOM” nationals.

In handing down her decision the Magistrate stated that being apprehended at a hotel was enough grounds to hold that they had “no significant ties on the island” and after considering all the relevant information from the prosecution and defense lawyer the court ruled that bail is denied.

In another matter, the State official filed a notice of discontinuance against Jason Grogg in a customs case matter. The court granted the notice of discontinuance.

By Ronalda Luke