Thursday, June 13, 2024
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EU, UK Delegation left Dominica with positive feedback on CBI Programme: PM Skerrit

Following news that the European Commission and the United Kingdom were in Dominica, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit shared the outcomes from the visits of European Union (EU) officials and a special delegation from the UK Home Office regarding the CBI Programme.

He said both delegations conducted thorough investigations and audits of the Citizenship by Investment Programme during their recent visits.

While speaking at a local radio show on Friday morning, the Prime Minister said that the visits led to a shift in the EU and UK’s perspectives on Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme.

The PM added that the EU officials expressed satisfaction with the island’s initiatives of the CBI Programme and labeled the meeting as highly productive. He said officials also did their on-site evaluations of the CBI and Immigration Units. They also had a meeting with the Due diligence firms to understand what they are doing.

“They were satisfied with what we have done and what we are doing. So, the meeting was very constructive. I think they had a completely different perspective in many aspects with regards to the CBI Programme because they rely on what they hear and what they are told.”

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of first-hand experiences, emphasising that the EU officials left Dominica with a better understanding and mindset after witnessing the transparent use of CBI resources.  He said that they also engaged with different officials involved in the programme.

In response to concerns raised in the past, Prime Minister Skerrit mentioned recent legislative actions taken by the Government. These include addressing issues related to name changes, implementing regulations for the marketing and promotion of the CBI programme, and other measures.

He expressed optimism about the recommendations the EU officials would submit, pledging to take necessary actions based on their advice.

“There are several measures we have taken, and we look forward to the recommendations that they will submit to us; we will take whatever action we are prepared to take,”.

UK Home Office Delegation’s Visit to Dominica

Prime Minister disclosed details about the UK Home Office delegation’s visit, emphasising their positive outlook on Dominica’s CBI Programme. The UK Home Office’s delegation visited this Monday

“They were very happy to see physically what is happening, and they left with a positive attitude towards what Dominica is doing.”

Furthermore, Prime Minister Skerrit revealed plans to send a retired police officer to the UK to discuss reinstating visa-free access.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to transparency, Prime Minister Skerrit asserted, “We are transparent; we try our best to follow the processes and ensure we maintain the program’s integrity. I always invite our international partners to come forward and visit to see what we are doing. We owe a duty to ourselves and the international community.”

“They have access to copies of recent legislation, and they had discussions with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), and called for them to be more involved in the CBI Programme,” said PM Roosevelt Skerrit.

He expressed satisfaction that international partners were actively engaging with Dominica and commended the positive attitudes both delegations left with. He added that the Government is dedicated to addressing the raised concerns.

Furthermore, the PM said that he encouraged the UK and EU to collaborate on providing joint recommendations.

“We are talking to the Americans, we are talking to the EU. I asked them why you don’t come together and give a combined joint agreement, and they agreed. “

He also reiterated the importance of ensuring that Dominica’s actions align with international expectations and that the CBI Programme continues to contribute positively to the nation’s growth and development.