Dominican firm OS4H is a Caribbean tech partner in the fight against Covid-19

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Roseau, Dominica-November 23, 2021: Open Solutions for Health (OS4H) is proud to be a strategic technology partner with the Government of Dominica and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to create solutions in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

With its headquarters in Dominica, OS4H was founded in 2019 by the Chief Executive Officer, Peter Ricketts, and Chief Financial Officer, Mahalis Alcendor. Together, they combine decades of experience in the creation of medical data solutions that provide qualitative and quantitative data to key stakeholders dependent on accurate health informatics to support decision-making.

Peter Ricketts, the CEO of OS4H explains the driving force behind this tech firm. “On many occasions, I would sit down with my father, the late Dr. Paul Ricketts, and dream. Together we created a collaborative vision for how technology solutions could serve health care workers not just in Dominica but across the region. My father was both the national epidemiologist and Ambassador-at-large. He was passionate about developing a sustainable information system for health, not only for Dominica but for the Caribbean and the Americas. Together with the OS4H team I am humbled and honoured to carry the torch of my father’s legacy”.

Early on in the pandemic in April 2020, OS4H created a COVID-19 case management information system, at no cost to the Government, to support the healthcare team in effectively and efficiently tracking and managing local COVID-19 cases.

Aware that other sectors had been adversely affected by COVID-19, OS4H also collaborated with the hotel sector to provide health security solutions. The installation of the COVID-19 Hotelier E-Surveillance Solution enabled hoteliers to input the risk assessment information of each guest and alert the Ministry of Health team if signs or symptoms were recorded while protecting the identity of the hotel guests.

OS4H is now embarking on the creation of a vaccine registry for Dominica in collaboration with PAHO. The Vaccine Registry will provide timely access to complete and relevant immunization data for use by patients, schools, and healthcare providers.

The tech company also provides a range of products for health including localized electronic medical records (EMR) applications for private practices, digitization of records, registries, data management, visualization & analysis applications, and enterprise content management for public and private sector health entities.

For further information please contact Open Solutions for Health at (767) 317-5240, or via email: or visit our website at