Mehul Choksi back in Antigua

Mehul Choksi being wheelchaired
Mehul Choksi being wheel-chaired to wait ambulance at hospital in Roseau

Indian fugitive Mehul Choki who has been the subject of a series of court matters in Dominica has been granted bail and has flown out of Dominica via a private aircraft.


The Applicants’ medical information and his need to access medical service overseas which said medical services are not available within the Commonwealth of Dominica.

AND UPON Counsel informing the court of a d Consent being arrived at and laying over with the court a draft Consent Order for the court’s approval


1) The Applicant shall be granted bail and permitted to travel to Antigua and Barbuda for specialized medical attention not available within the jurisdiction as recommended by the medical authorities:

2) The Applicant is to consult with Dr Gaden Osbourne, neurologist, at the Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John Medical Centre, Antigua & Barbuda and must inform the Court of any change of specialist or any further referral to other specialists.

3) Prior to his admission to bail, the applicant shall deposit the sum of $10,000 XCD with the Registrar of the High Court in cash to secure his appearance on the date fixed for the trial of Case No. DOMMCR2021/0460 before the Magistrates Court or any adjourned date.

4) The Applicant shall notify the Registrar of the High Court of his address in Antigua and Barbuda and shall not Change that address without prior notice, such notice to take place; and two weeks before any such change Dominica, he is to inform the Court upon his return to Dominica Registrar of the High Court of his return and his address in Dominica.

5) All proceedings before the Magistrate’s Court in Case No. DOMMCR2021/046 are adjourned while the Applicant is out of state and is receiving medical attention until certified by a medical doctor that he is fit to stand trial.

6) This application for bail shall come up for consideration of the conditions of the Applicant’s bail only which has already been granted within 48 hours of his return to the Commonwealth of Dominica.

7) There will be no order as to costs.

8) The Applicant has conduct of this Order.

9) This order is to be served on the Chief Magistrate, the Commissioner of Police, the Medical Director of the Dominica China Friendship Hospital, and the Officer in Charge of the Immigration at his port of exit that is the Douglas Charles Airport or the Canefield Airport.

10) There is liberty to apply



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