Catholic Church Pointe Michel names School Teacher Mother of the year 2022

Fr Peter hands over award
Parish priest of St. Luke Fr. Peter present award to Mother of the year 2022 Rena Celaire-All photos by Clyde K Jno Baptiste of Nature Isle News (NIN) All rights reserved

Rena Celaire Mother of the year 2022

Rena Celaire has been in the choir at a very tender age along with her siblings and parents. 

She is the 2nd daughter of Roy Celaire (deceased) and Laura Celaire.

Affectionately known as “Seekee,” This nickname came about because of her love for cats.

She attended the St. Luke’s Primary School which molded her to be a dedicated and committed individual in whatever she’s part of.

She held the position of leader in the Junior choir for decades. 

Youth of Parish doing special poem to Mothers

When both choirs (Junior and Senior were merged she took the bold step of accepting the leadership position when no one else wanted it.  It has not been an easy road for her as a choir leader. Despite all the obstacles she faced being the humble quiet person that she is she would not utter a word but sit quietly as a Lamb. At times when the leadership role would get tough one would just see the tears flowing.   Yet she never gave up till this day.  

She would simply say “I love to sing; I enjoy singing and I love to sing for my Lord”.  Her dedication and loyalty to her church never wavered.

Lenny Darroux presents a Special award to his wife from a parishioner

You have shaped young minds over the years and presently you are a teacher at the St. Luke’s Primary School.

As a proud mother of 2 boys, you have been an example to mothers in raising your sons in the faith with discipline and love.  Ms. Celaire, we appreciate you, we love you, and it is your day.

Rena Celaire our choice as the 2022 Mother of the Year at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, Pointe Michel, St. Luke.

May 8, 2022. 


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