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Gael “Trilla G” Jno Baptiste creates calypso history in Dominica

He came from the elimination then to the quarters, semis, and then finals and he was crowned Calypso Monarch of Dominica 2023 dethroning Jaydee. No one in Dominica has done this before.

In his first song which was never heard before by the public, he thrilled the massive crowd with a rendition entitled “De boy cut”

In 2011 as a then-student of the Dominica Grammar School (DGS), he won the UVI Potery contest

1. Shanice #CONCERNED

2. Jaydee Since you’ve been gone

3. Trilla G De Boy Cut

4. Tasha P Big Seat

5. Black Diamond My Granny Change

6. Dice Everything Lost

7. De Bobb If I was the 

Prime Minister

8. De Healer Gangster Society

9. Mighty D Planet Dominica

10. Daddy Chess  Official Opposition


FINALS – 18 Feb 2023


Judge #

No Calypso Name Song Lyric   35 Melody  35 Rendition 20 Presentation 10 Total Points

1. Shanice Woule Chaple’w

2. Jaydee What is Mine is Mine

3. Trilla G Dick Taylor Ship

4. Tasha P Calypso High

5. Black Diamond Holiday

6. Dice ChiChi-ChiChi Bang Bang

7. De Bobb Don’t Cry For Me Dominica

8. De Healer Mas Ah Lawi

9. Mighty D Talking Dogs

10. Daddy Chess  Hegas, No Gas