Saturday, June 22, 2024
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A new political party on the horizon in Dominica

Speculation is rife about a new political party that is expected to be soon registered and form the political landscape of Dominica.

Nature Isle News (NIN) can confirm, that a few persons who have been part of the political landscape in Dominica over the past years have been meeting and will soon make the official announcement of that party.

At a recently held press conference of the United Workers Party (UWP) the question was put to its leader Dr. Thomson Fontaine about his views on the emergence of a new political party in Dominica, he expressed no concern, emphasizing democracy’s diversity.

“We are in a democracy and in a democracy, you have multiple parties…at the end of the day, it is the best party that eventually wins. So, I welcome the competition…we welcome everybody. It’s a big space,” he said.

He was however quick to add that, “there have been several new parties formed in recent years, the most recent being the Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP) in 2019 and Team Unity Dominica (TUD) in 2022 but what is ultimately important for all opposition parties in Dominica to understand is that at some point, we have to get our act together, we have to unite as an opposition to fight this government and to restore a good way of life for the people of Dominica.”

Attorney at law Joshua Francis who is a former deputy political leader of the UWP and also a former member of the Dominica Parliament won the Roseau South Constituency on a UWP ticket in 2014 defeating Ambrose George of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) is said to be one of many persons with political interests closely associated to the formation of the new political party.

NIN was informed that the formation of the new political party has been going on for some time with the group meeting various persons from the 21 constituencies. “The cry for a new political party has been loud and I can just tell you that lots of discussions have been ongoing and soon enough after the finalization of the constitution and doing the necessary work a visit will be paid to the Chief Elections Officer where a party symbol will be officially given to the party,” a source with close association with the formation of a political party told NIN.

This new political party will become the six on the island joining the DLP, UWP, Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) Alternative People’s Party (APP), and the recently formed Team Unity Dominica (TUD) and is expected to contest the next general elections in Dominica whenever it is called.