Friday, May 24, 2024
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New Political Party UPP issues press release


The United Progressive Party (UPP), birthed in response to a dire need for a viable change relating to the governance of the Commonwealth of Dominica, is delighted to announce ’its entry onto the political and social landscape of this island nation.

The compelling need for the revitalization of our economy, the chronic deprivation of growth opportunities in both the private and public sectors, and the lack of access to proper healthcare by the general populace to name a few are all indicative of the need for urgent and immediate change. Through the emergence of the United Progressive Party, the electorate is being provided with a credible alternative to the existing political parties.

It is indeed both a contemplative and exciting moment for all of us that the UPP has achieved “its full recognition, having been accorded national party status by the Chief Election Officer of Dominica on May 8, 2024. However, it is not just an achievement for UPP but also for the people of Dominica at large as we now seek to develop, build, and grow a strong and caring relationship with every Dominican.

The founding members of this party have been very concerned about every aspect of life in Dominica, and are eager to gain the confidence and support of the nation as we strive to address and reverse the factors that have contributed to our nation’s overall decline, build on the positives and structure a new pathway to make Dominica the true Nature Island of the world where “its people will prosper in a most peaceful, responsible and thriving economic and social environment.

We are grateful for the efforts of past and current administrations, including the opposition parties, in the development of our country, and will cooperate where necessary with all stakeholders as we leverage the support of all to forge a new and progressive direction under the banner of this trailblazing and innovative party, the United Progressive Party.

Of note, the symbol of the UPP is the “bottle” with orange being “its official color. Its motto is “United for Progress”.

Further information and an update on developments about this new party will be announced at our first Press Event scheduled for June 10, 2024.



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