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Fogging for Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes and biting midges

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Social Services, in partnership with National Pest and Termite Control, has started a fogging exercise in various communities to counteract the surge in Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes, known for transmitting Dengue Fever, which has led to an increase in reported cases in Dominica, and to tackle the growing population of biting midges—an enduring nuisance causing frustration and discomfort for many residents.

The fogging campaign commenced Sunday, December 3, 2023, starting with Pointe Michel and Loubiere.  

The upcoming fogging schedule for this week includes Roseau on Monday, December 4, at 5 AM, followed by Goodwill on Tuesday, December 5, at 5 AM. Additionally, Castle Comfort and Wallhouse are scheduled for fogging at 5 PM on the same day. Fond Cole will undergo fogging on Wednesday, December 6, at 5 AM, while Mahaut is slated for 5 PM on the same day. Kingshill is next in line on Thursday, December 7, and Canefield will undergo fogging on Friday, December 8, at 5 AM.

Residents in these communities are urged to keep their windows and doors open during the fogging sessions to ensure proper dispersion of the fog. This method is crucial for reaching areas where mosquitoes and biting midges may be breeding.

According to a release, the Ministry notes, that while the fogging exercises are designed to be safe and effective, residents are advised to take “the necessary precautions during the process.”

“Vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly and those with respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis, are encouraged to vacate their homes during the fogging sessions. Alternatively, they can stay in a closed room until the fogging process is completed. This precautionary measure aims to prevent any potential adverse effects on individuals with respiratory sensitivities.”

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Social Services acknowledges the cooperation and patience of residents in the listed communities and extends its gratitude. As stated, upcoming fogging schedules for other communities will be released shortly.

Fogging operations in Pointe Michel-Photo by Clyde K. Jno Baptiste