Thursday, February 22, 2024
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TK International promises a historic 2024 Mega Monday experience for its 25th Anniversary Celebration

Roseau, Dominica-Excitement is mounting as TK International, the unrivaled maestros of revelry, gears up to make history with their much-anticipated 2024 Mega Monday event. Celebrating their 25th anniversary, the band promises a sensory delight with the grand debut of “Prismatic,” an extravaganza set to redefine carnival celebrations.

The official launch of Mega Monday 2024, scheduled for February 12, 2024, revealed the band’s commitment to providing a unique and unforgettable experience. Band leader Kendel Laurent assured patrons that this event would go down in history, pushing the boundaries of carnival celebrations.

Prismatic, marking TK International’s silver jubilee, aims to captivate revelers with sensuality, vibrancy, and unrestrained excitement. Jeoffrey Joseph, TK International Manager, backup keyboardist, and vocalist, reflected on the band’s humble beginnings, highlighting their evolution into a musical powerhouse over the past 25 years.

“So it is a surreal moment for me to stand before you here this afternoon as the manager of the best band, as we launch the best production for the best Monday-Mega Monday 2024,” he stated.

“Mega Monday is, as far as the plans are going, going to be arguably the best production that Dominica has ever seen,” Joseph declared.

He emphasized that navigating through a myriad of challenges, TK International has weathered the test of time and takes pride in commemorating this silver jubilee alongside the thousands of fans and numerous partners who have steadfastly supported them through thick and thin.

Therefore, the theme for Mega Monday 2024, celebrating TK’s 25th anniversary, is encapsulated in the essence of “celebration, vibrancy, color, and flair, all captured in one spectacular experience: Prismatic.”

He explains that each section will embody the spirit of “sexy, celebratory fun,” with the aim of immersing patrons in the mood to “sewo with their band.”

A burst of colors will come alive in five exciting sections:  Showy, a bright depiction of confident sexiness; Chroma, the purity of uninhibited fun; Glare, a dazzlingly tempting highlight; Swank because you got it. You got to flaunt it and Hue, shades of happiness and joy.

Blending these components with the band’s lively and dynamic atmosphere, in collaboration with other DJs and artists, and accompanied by a plethora of drinks and trinkets, Joseph highlighted that the overall experience will be an incredibly euphoric moment for all Mega Monday attendees.

“It is always our aim to provide a quality product at an affordable price. And we have once again been able to achieve this,: he said. “Prismatic will be recorded as the pivotal historical moment when Dominica’s carnival, mega Monday and TK rose from international to intergalactic.”

Seeking to go beyond entertainment conventions, the band has elevated the experience with additional performances with acts such as Unstoppable Shax, DJ Wizz and DJ Rio, and up-and-coming bouyon artists Gwada G and Nice.

In his roles as the band’s Road Manager, Events Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant, James Rodney reiterated TK International’s commitment to pushing boundaries and providing unparalleled experiences for their fans.

“For those who have been part of our journey in the past three editions, you’ve witnessed our continuous efforts to surpass the previous year’s experience. The commitment remains unwavering, and the year 2024 is no exception to this pursuit,” declared Rodney.

Throughout the launch, numerous collaborators, such as platinum partner Cosmic Enterprises, agents for Village Ram and Zess Cola, Mega Telecoms partner Digicel, Mega Beer partner Carib, Mega Media partner DBS Radio, and Shirstar Entertainment, affirmed their steadfast commitment to supporting the band, to enhance patrons’ experiences throughout the celebration.

For those interested, registration is open at for only 200 EC, and in-person registration is available at Depex Colour Lab.

Included with Mega Monday Orders: Illuminated Chains, Lighted Fans, Unlimited Drinks, Branded Bottles, Cocktails, TK Snapback Caps, Tattoos, and Non-stop Celebration!