Friday, May 24, 2024
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BREAKING NEWS-UPP becomes Dominica’s latest registered political party

A new political party has been officially registered in Dominica under Regulation 4 (2) of the House of Assembly (Elections) Regulations.

According to a letter from the Chief Elections Officer Ian Michael Anthony, “the United Progressive Party (UPP) is a recognized political party in the Commonwealth of Dominica with effect from May 8, 2024.”

“In that regard, the party has been allocated the Bottle as its symbol and accordingly, the official candidate or candidates of the party, in each constituency shall be entitled to have the party symbol printed opposite his or her name on the ballot paper.”

The party’s colour is “orange” and as part of its vision as a political party, the Party envisions “a Dominica which stands tall and moves where democracy and freedom fully prevails, the people have dignity, the resources of the country are used sustainably towards optimizing the wellbeing of its citizens and residents equitably, and people are empowered to thrive economically and socially and are committed to the common good and the power of community”

Its mission is to contest general elections in Dominica to gain political office so that it can manage the nation’s affairs towards attaining the above vision.

According to the party’s constitution, its core values shall be sustainable development, solidarity, dignity, justice, equity, liberty, freedom, transparency, leadership integrity, and accountability.

“The Party shall develop policy papers, strategies, programs, and manifestoes to guide the pursuit of its mission and to guide and make progress towards the vision.

While not in political office, the Party shall engage in encouraging sustainable development efforts and, as much as possible, contribute to laying a foundation that would facilitate faster development progress once it enters political office than would otherwise be possible.

Membership of the party shall be open to all citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Party is yet to elect a leader and is gearing up to hold its delegate’s conference where a leader and other executive members will be elected.

The United Progressive Party (UPP) now joins the Dominica Labour Party (DLP), the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP), the United Workers Party (UWP), the Alternative People’s Party(APP) and Team Unity as the political parties on the island.



  1. No leader?
    Like Alex Bruno party……this too shall pass.
    I already have a sense of what and who to expect.
    Not very amusing……nor encouraging
    When UPP announce an introduce ourselves meeting by de arch or on de Bayfront…….just check de turnout.
    De last meeting on de arch was not a party meeting…….it cause Skerrit to lie about giving electoral reform de attention it needs.

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