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DASPA CEO Bardouille threatens Marigot MP with court action

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Dominica Air & Seaport Authority (DASPA) Benoit Bardouille from his lawyer Lennox Lawrence has issued a pre-action protocol letter to Marigot MP Anthony Charles, seeking an apology and compensation for alleged “false and defamatory” comments Charles is said to have made pertaining to Bardouille.

In the letter dated July 31, 2023, it states in part, Dear Mr. Anthony Charles,

We represent our client Mr. Benoit Bardouille.

Our instructions are that our client is the CEO of the Dominica Air and Seaports Authority (DASPA), the Chairman of the International Airport Development Company, a Board member of the Eastern Caribbean Civil Association Authority, and the Security Coordinator for Civil Aviation under the Civil Aviation Act and Regulations of Dominica.

Our further instructions are that on or about July 24, 2023, you were featured in an interview with Emo-News an online publication with wide viewership wherein you made the following statements which were maliciously false and defamatory of our client.


According to the letter, in the natural and ordinary meaning, the words meant and were understood to mean, that “our client aided and abetted and facilitated the cultivation of cannabis in the secured perimeter of the airport” and that he “knowingly and deliberately and with the intent of harbouring and protecting cultivators of cannabis, did fence the airport to create a safe zone for the cultivation of cannabis…”

“Our further instructions, are that your statements were maliciously false and intended to cause maximum harm and injury to our client. At the material time, the interviewer on Emo-News immediately voiced a disclaimer that the views expressed by you were not those of Emo-News and Emo-News would not accept any responsibility for those views, you immediately retorted however that “I am responsible for my statements.”

The letter went on to state that as such Charles “intended to defame” (our client) and have knowingly defamed him with your malicious falsehood.

“To aggravate the injury, you stood by and affirmed that statement with the clear intent of causing further harm and damage to our client’s reputation and as a result of the above matters, you have brought our client into public controversy, contempt and ridicule both in his personal and professional life and particularly in the professional officers that he holds as referred herein.”

The letter is demanding an immediate retraction to be aired on Emo-News and all media in Dominica, an apology in terms to be agreed upon and to be published on all media in Dominica, financial compensation for injury to his reputation in the sum of EC$350,000.00 and reimbursement of legal fees to date of EC$500.00

“We demand full settlement of the above within seven (7) days failing which legal action will be instituted against you without further notice.”



  1. Well done, Mr. Bardouille! It is about time that Dominicans stand up to those who wish to just wash their tongue on innocent persons. Let them pay!! And do not be shy to go after those media houses who repeat the falsehoods.

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