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UWP pays tribute to the Late Francois Barrie


Roseau, Dominica 15th September 2023 –On behalf of the Leadership, Members, and Supporters of the United Workers Party-TEAM Dominica (UWP) the National Executive Committee extends sincerest condolences to the grieving family of the Late Honourable Francois Barrie, the residents of the Kalinago Territory and citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The words of former Cabinet Colleagues in the personages of Edison C. James, former Prime Minister of Dominica, and Norris Prevost, former Minister of Tourism for Dominica with whom the Late Barrie served in Parliament and Cabinet with distinction, are most appropriate. Their expressions serve as a fitting and deserving Tribute to Honourable Francois Barrie who served the Kalinago Territory with exemplary Leadership,

“Mr. Barrie was the consummate Parliamentary Representative. He kept copious notes of almost everything he had to do for and on behalf of his constituents, and he always followed up. I was always amazed about that particular trait of Mr. Barrie. That trait reflected the extent to which he loved his people and was committed to delivering on their behalf. I’m sure the people of the Kalinago Territory will miss him immensely”, Honourable Eddison C James, Former Prime Minister of Dominica, 1995 to 2000.

For his part, Norris Prevost states that “Honorable Francois Barrie made his people and Dominica proud. A retired School Teacher and elected Parliamentary Representative for the Kalinago Territory under The United Workers Party (UWP) from 1993 to 2000, Honorable Francois Barrie was a distinguished and respectful Kalinago gentleman. 

“He had great respect for The Elders of The Territory and held the office of Kalinago Chief in very high esteem. In 1993, he contested and won the by-election to serve the remaining two years in the seat made vacant by the resignation of the then Parliamentary Representative. Following this, in May 1995 he contested the General Elections, won his seat, and was appointed Parliamentary Secretary in The UWP Government.

“During his four and a half years in government, as Parliamentary Representative of the Kalinago Territory Honorable Francois Barrie’s accomplishments in Education, Health, Sports, Agriculture, and Tourism were life-changing for the people of The Territory.

“Honourable Francois Barrie, under the UWP, accomplished the monumental tasks of: – -bringing piped borne water to the Territory, -expanding the boundary of the Territory by about another 100 acres, taking it to Wakama, -obtaining the Construction of the Castle Bruce Secondary School, which serves The Territory commencing Construction work on The Barana Aoute, the main Center where visitors come to experience both Tangible and Intangible Kalinago Cultural Heritage, -upgrading The Jolly John Sports facility. These achievements continue and will continue for generations to come, to be the pillars of development of The Kalinago Territory and The Kalinago People.

“Because of the very high esteem in which Honourable Barrie held the Office of Kalinago Chief, one of his passionate dreams and Manifesto commitments was to build an Official Residence for The Kalinago Chief. Alas successive Labour Party Candidates, all becoming Parliamentary Representatives from 2000 up to Honorable Barrie’s death on Sunday 3 September 2023, failed to help accomplish this dream, which now is seemingly going to be buried with the passing of Honourable Francois Barrie only to be resurrected by an incoming Parliamentary Representative from the United Workers Party.

“I say thank you to Honorable Barrie, for your invaluable contribution to the upliftment of The Kalinago Territory and The Kalinago People, and to our Country, Dominica.

“May your soul rest in peace”. 

(Honourable Norris Prevost, Minister of Tourism 1995-January 2000, Commonwealth of Dominica)

We pray that our Lord’s Angels descend upon this earth and transport Honourable Francois Barrie’s soul to Heaven where he shall rest in Peace with our Lord God Almighty.