Monday, October 2, 2023
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DPP discontinues case of theft against Riviere Sebastian

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Sherma Dalrymple has filed a notice of discontinuance against Riviere Sebastian who was arrested and charged with theft.

According to documents released in court on Friday, December 17, 2020, between February 25, 2020, and May 25, 2020, Riviere Sebastian is alleged to have stolen EC$51,855.80 the property of the government of Dominica.

He was granted bail in the sum of sixty thousand dollars and was ordered to surrender his Dominican passport with Clyde Charles as surety.

The investigating officer in this matter is Superintendent Matthew Cuffy who is now on suspension on an alleged charge of murder.

Today was the “final adjournment in the matter” and since his arrest and court appearance, the prosecution is yet to produce a file.

Before discharging Sebastian, Magistrate Michael Laudat informed him that the allegations which were leveled against him were “very serious” and advised him to now take a moment and “stop and think.”

“I am not saying that you did it since it has never been tried but the allegations are very serious, it’s now time for you to stop and think…you are free to go,” the Magistrate stated.

Riviere Sebastian works in the fisheries division and has on several occasions acted as Chief Fisheries Officer. He is represented by attorney at law Wayne Norde.  



  1. Grown older men who allowed themselves to be a followass of the one-man rogue regime who runs the slave plantation mentality island no better than a criminal drug lord and gambler, can not be of any good example to the young People!!!

  2. This man is a con man. He encourage someone to build up in the beach knowing it is a gains the law. Because the person voted labour

  3. The case did not go to trial yet the magistrate takes it upon himself to make a statement based on allegations……this is scary stuff.

  4. Dam right Anon!
    No trial, no guilty verdict and therefore innocent !
    This is more than scary for someone who is meant to be upholding the law to utter such filth. You can imagine the level of bias!!
    However, it’s Dominica we are talking about here…………say no more!!

    The other comments are pure garbage. What older men ? Example of what ? It’s a dirty assumption that the man is a follower of the current government. When you know the facts, then you can blab with confidence. Arrest my foot! Theft my rear! Where is their file ? Where are their witnesses ! Totally hilarious ! That’s the corrupt regime right there!

    There can only be one outcome in this false case and it took a little too long to land in our opinion. He was the fall guy and the many who were the catalyst in all of this have already began to fall. We signpost you to the station and then to the so called ministry. We watch as God continues his work!!!!

  5. Nature Isle could not even behave professionally by producing a decent write -up. Instead, they cut and paste, portraying various messages in one mixing past, present, future and more……poor show!

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