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3rd Virtual Discussion on Covid-19 Pandemic in Collaboration with DPSU

The Dominica Business Forum Inc. (DBF Inc.) in collaboration with the Dominica Public Service Union, will
convene the 3rd Virtual Discussion on the Covid-19 on Wednesday 8th September 2021, under the theme: “All
Hands on Deck; Let’s Fight Covid-19 Together”.

Karl J. Nassief, CEO of Trading International Group (Karl Nassief Group of Companies), will make a lead presentation, together with Mr. Thomas Letang, General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union, Mr. John Robin, President of the Dominica Manufacturers Association, and Mr. Anthony Leblanc, President of the Builders and Contractors Association of Dominica and confirmation is awaited from the Minister of Health, Wellness and New Health Investments, Dr. Irvin McIntyre and a religious representative.

All presentations will focus on the worsening situation of Covid-19 in the Commonwealth of Dominica which will be followed by an interactive public discussion with the objective of seeking practical and implementable solutions for collectively fighting the Covid-19 virus.
Whereas the health authorities have been commended for the management of the pandemic from its inception up to the period leading up to the outbreak at the end of July, it is recognized that the Commonwealth of Dominica is in a crisis with widespread positive cases throughout the island, increasing hospitalizations and reported deaths.
Amidst the possibility of an overwhelmed healthcare system that is being stretched to the limit with Covid-19 fatigued and exhausted healthcare providers in an environment where every person is a potential carrier of the virus.

There is general consensus within the international scientific community that the Covid-19 virus will be part of human existence for the unforeseeable future and human beings will have to cope with its prolonged presence for what is referred to as the new normal. Therefore, it is important that we in Dominica make the necessary preparations and adjustments to save lives and livelihoods in an environment where persons can continue with their activities and at the same time comply with the necessary protocols and established measures for mitigating against the proliferation of Covid-19.

The virtual activity will be convened in an atmosphere of open, frank, truthful, and transparent discussions, where
all ideas shall contend since it is only through information and education that a people can be equipped to confront
the challenges of Covid-19. The Virtual Discussion will be live on the Zoom platform and streamed on the DBF Inc. Facebook page and via radio. The activity is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday 8th September 2021.
Interested persons can email: to be join the Zoom link. Participation is open to the general
population. The DBF Inc. appeals for; “All Hands on Deck; Let’s Fight Covid-19 Together”.