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Memorandum of Understanding on Friendly Relations and Exchanges between Yiwu, the People’s Republic of China, and Roseau

I am honored to announce today that an important agreement has been reached between Roseau, the Commonwealth of Dominica, and Yiwu, the People’s Republic of China. This Memorandum of Understanding friendly relations and exchanges marks a significant milestone in strengthening the bonds between our two cities and promoting mutual prosperity and development.

Through this twinning of cities agreement, both parties have committed to establishing friendly cooperation based on mutual trust and friendship. We believe that building strong relationships with our international counterparts is essential for the growth and progress of our constituency, Roseau city, and the wider Dominica.
The agreement also outlines the areas in which we will conduct practical and diversified
cooperation and exchanges. These areas include economy & trade, education, culture, tourism, and sports. By exploring opportunities for collaboration in these fields, we aim to maximize the benefits that can be derived from this twinning of cities agreement.
It is important to note that this agreement came into effect on the date of signing by
representatives between myself and the Mayor Mr. Ye Bangrui in Yiwu on November 15, 2023.

As the Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau Central constituency, I am particularly excited about the benefits and opportunities that this agreement will bring to our city, Roseau. The increased cooperation in economy & trade can lead to new business partnerships and investment opportunities for our local entrepreneurs. The exchange of knowledge and expertise in education will provide our students with enhanced learning experiences. Cultural and tourism exchanges will contribute to the promotion of our rich heritage and attractions, attracting more visitors to our constituency and the country as a whole.

We are grateful to the Mayor of Yiwu Mr. Ye Bangrui and the People’s Republic of China for
accepting my request to twin the city of Roseau with the thriving city of Yiwu.
I want to reiterate that this Memorandum of Understanding signifies the beginning of a new
chapter of cooperation and friendship between Roseau and Yiwu. We are excited about the
prospects that lie ahead and are confident that this partnership will bring long-term benefits to the Roseau constituents and the people of Dominica.