Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Dominica’s Missed World Cup Opportunity: A Nation in Crisis

By Bernard Hurtault-Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP)

The Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) expresses deep shock and dismay at the denial of our cricket-loving nation’s opportunity to host a World Cup cricket match. This decision underscores the worsening social and economic crisis resulting from the current government’s inability to foster a strong economy and develop local project execution capabilities. The government’s heavy reliance on Citizenship by Investment (CBI) funds, now depleting rapidly, has left it cash-strapped and increasingly desperate. Furthermore, the government’s dismissive attitude toward local talent and its excessive dependence on foreign contractors, even for basic initiatives, hinder its ability to promptly mobilize local expertise and collaborators. This fails to ensure the timely completion of necessary preparations for hosting international events.

Hosting such international events is not just about prestige; with a thoughtful and comprehensive approach, it can bring long-term promotional and psychological benefits to the country. Cricket is intrinsic to the Caribbean spirit as a showcase of our national pride and world-class capabilities. Denying us this injection of enthusiasm and fanning of national pride is especially painful for a people already facing numerous challenges under this government.

Yet, this government continues to fall short in providing even a momentary reprieve to our struggles. Our infrastructure is deteriorating, leaving us without the basic amenities needed to enjoy something as simple as watching the World Cup on TV, as rolling electricity blackouts hinder our ability to partake in the global festivities. Water outages further frustrate our ability to cook a nice meal to accompany the matches. Now, we are being told we will also be denied the chance to walk to the stadium to forget our woes as we cheer for our favorite teams – adding another layer to our collective disappointment.

These challenges are indicative of a broader systemic issue – a government that has failed in meeting the basic needs of its citizens. It’s not just about the World Cup; it’s about the everyday struggles that are becoming unbearable on our island. We call upon this government to confess its inability to develop a prosperous economy and a thriving society. This failure to deliver a World Cup cricket match is an early warning sign of a coming economic Armageddon for our island as the CBI funds wither away. Our citizens do not deserve such immense suffering – they deserve a government that can effectively manage projects, stimulate economic growth, and position our beloved nation on the global stage with confidence. It is simply time for this government to go.