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Convent High School mourns the sudden passing of teacher

The students and staff of the Convent High School (CHS) were thrown into deep shock and mourning on the first day of school on the sudden passing of school teacher Kevin Angol.

Reports are that he was found dead at his home on Thursday, September 7, 2023.

Police are investigating the matter.

Nature Isle News (NIN) extends its deepest condolences to the CHS management, staff, students, and the family of Teacher Kevin Angol. May his Soul Rest in peace.

Tribute from CHS

Every Physics student knows that Newton’s first law indicates that every object will remain in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by a greater force… well.. the Greater Force we acknowledge as God has compelled this body to change motion from earth.

This is a difficult moment for CHS. And we cannot even fathom that for his mom Ms. Josephine Lewis. 

Mr. Angol came into the CHS fold in 2014 and since then, he made his mark as he grew in Physics, Mathematics, and ICT. 

He was an integral pillar, especially with the CHS online network. Whether he taught a student or not, you’d become familiar with when he put his cape on and saved our day from Internet and technology woes. He once was titled DJ Boyles ‘Law when he provided music services at CHS activities and assemblies. He helped tremendously in the timetabling of CHS staff and subjects… 

A gentle giant, funny, hard-working, determined, committed. Kevin… this is so hard…this is unbelievable. But as people who look to the Lord, this is not the end. We send condolences to his mom and family.

May his soul and those of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God Rest in Peace.

Two weeks ago the Management, staff, and students of the North East Comprehensive School were plunged into mourning at the sudden death of its Deputy Principal Valantine Telemacque.