Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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PM Skerrit urges global unity to tackle common challenges

Boao, South Hainan Province-March 29, 2024: Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on Thursday urged the global community to work together to solve the world’s common challenges and build a prosperous future.

In his remarks at the opening ceremony of the Boao for Asia Forum in Boao South Hainan Province, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of collective strength and remarked that “peace and sustainable development can only be achieved by mutual collaboration and cooperation.”

“We need to strengthen cooperation and solidarity between countries to provide effective responses to the financial, economic, and social crises faced by many countries around the world,” Mr. Skerrit said.

He said sustainable development continues to be a troubling issue for the international community, given the high levels of inequality, poverty, and marginalization among countries, noting that inequalities between developed and developing countries persist and are widening.

“The unjust international economic order persists and is strengthened, the devastating burden of which continues to be borne by the poorest countries. The effects of climate change threaten the existence of low-lying small island developing states and continue to destroy lives,” he said.

Development, he said, would not be sustainable until it is inclusive of a resilience agenda.

“The convergence of interests, purposes, and actions among peoples, individuals, states, and their international organizations is essential to achieve collective goals,” he noted, pointing to China’s promotion of a platform for cooperation with other countries to achieve high-quality economic development and a shared, prosperous future for humanity.

“We recognize the role of the Boao Forum and the People’s Republic of China in providing development alternatives for other countries based on mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation,” PM Skerrit said.

Prime Minister Skerrit is in China this week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Commonwealth of Dominica and the People’s Republic of China.