Thursday, June 13, 2024
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St. Lucian appointed as new CEO at DCFH

The Board of Directors of the Dominica Hospitals Authority is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Nancy Francis, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dominica China Friendship Hospital (DCFH) by the Government of Dominica. She was given a two-year service contract and assumed duties on May 8th, 2023.
Ms. Francis is a St. Lucian national who brings to the position significant experience in policy planning and analysis, project implementation, and change management in the health sector. Ms. Francis last served as the Executive Director of the Respiratory Hospital, which was specifically established as part of the National COVID-19 response plan in her
country. On March 27th, 2020, Ms. Francis was the team lead who successfully transitioned the main national hospital (Victoria Hospital) to a new hospital (Owen King EU Hospital) and simultaneously repurposed the Victoria Hospital as a Respiratory Hospital.
Prior to joining the Ministry of Health, Ms. Francis was the Director of Investment Co-ordination within the Ministry of Commerce where she led the Ease of Doing Business Reform Agenda for Saint Lucia as well as the overall portfolio of reforming the investment environment. Ms. Francis holds a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Business
Administration from Walden University, an MBA (Quality Management) from Leicester University, and a BSc. in Economics & Management from the University of the West Indies. Ms. Francis is currently pursuing her doctorate in Business Administration at UNICAF University.
Her areas of focus will include:

  1. Improvements to patient-centered care, quality of service, and patient safety;
  2. Human Resource management and transition arrangements;
  3. Corporate communications and publicity and;
  4. Corporate governance, public trust, and confidence.
    Other areas of focus will include:
  5. The development of a framework to manage a trust facility whereby monies or other property, real or personal, received by way of grants, donations, gifts, or bequests given to the Authority or to the Government for the purposes of the Authority pursuant to the
    provisions of Section 38 (e) of the Dominica Hospital Authority Act; Manage the Implementation of ongoing projects namely Hospital Accreditation activities, Medical Schools services, and the development of the 5-year Strategic Plan;
  6. Improvement in relations between the hospital and all stakeholders through regular dialogue, documented processes, and procedures, and an efficient complaints management system;
  7. The implementation of initiatives to boost staff morale and increase productivity.
    According to Ms. Francis, she is excited to be given the opportunity to serve as the strategic lead to the hospital and will use her experience, expertise, and knowledge to transform Secondary Health Care for the people of Dominica as well as to position the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital as a center of excellence in the region for certain health services. “It is possible, with the right mindset, team, and focus, we will achieve our
    strategic goals.”