NJAM recommends that the people of Dominica enter into a period of prayer, reflection and fasting

National Joint Action Movement (NJAM)

The kidnapping/abduction of a twelve-year-old deeply saddens the National Joint Action Movement (NJAM)
Kernisha Etienne of Warner and the violent attack on her adopted father Laurent Joseph Bruno by, what the Police have described as, a lunatic.
NJAM is appealing to all citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica at home and abroad, to assist in any way possible in the rescue efforts of the child, to bring her home safely considering that time is of the essence because every minute the child endures in captivity will have a devastating impact on her life and
increases her unimaginable pain and suffering. This is an opportune time for Joint Action among all Dominicans.

Whereas NJAM recognizes the need for a thorough investigation to determine the circumstances leading to this event and the need to give attention to mental illness and the plight of numerous young persons who roam the island streets, all attention must be focused on the safe return of the child.
In this regard, NJAM recommends that the people of the Commonwealth of Dominica enter into a period of prayer, reflection, and fasting for the next seventy-two hours until Monday 13th June 2022 to seek God’s divine
intervention for the safety of the child and at the same time to allow all able-bodied persons to assist in the search and rescue efforts.

As a mark of respect and acknowledgment of the gravity of the situation, NJAM recommends the suspension of all social and entertainment activities during that period.
NJAM is calling on all Dominicans to embrace the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ and consider the suffering of the child to be that of every Dominican. We pray for the protection and safety of Kernisha Etienne and that she will be reunited with her family.