Security Guard murders medical doctor in a domestic love affair dispute

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As the year comes to an end, the medical fraternity in Dominica has been plunged into mourning with news of the tragic murder of Dr. Velma Valmond.

Dr. Valmond

What is being described as a domestic matter resulted in a Security Officer who works with a local security company on the island killing his girlfriend in Goodwill. In the process, he is said to have also injured the 17-year-old child of the medical doctor. Reports are that he may have drunk poisonous substances and is now fighting for his life at the hospital.

Police are investigating the matter. Nature Isle News (NIN) extends its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased and the medical fraternity in Dominica.


  1. Murder is a legally defined act consisting of an act with intent. For that reason a reporter should not /cannot assume it is murder before
    the matter is considered by a court. It is a homicide/a killing, which could be manslaughter. murder or an act of killing from self-defence.

  2. He is fghting for his life toujour….I would
    have taken his life, if I was a medical personnel attending to him….

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