Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) press statement on situation in Ukraine

DPF Interim Political Leader Bernard Hurtault
Political Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) Bernard Hurtault

The Dominica Freedom Party joins the rest of the International Community dedicated to the preservation of international law, the right of self-governance, and the integrity of sovereign states, in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In this moment of global impact, we must let the world know that we stand on the side of freedom and justice.

We call on the Government of Dominica;

To stand firm with the international community in its condemnation of the Russian aggression and invasion of Ukraine to immediately suspend diplomatic and other relations with Russia and to immediately cease the granting of CBI documents to Russian Nationals.

Whilst our status as a Small Island Developing State ensures that these measures will have a minuscule impact on the Russian state, we must speak in the loudest voice possible against injustice and tyranny.

As a Nation, we must stand for something, lest we fall for anything.