Sunday, July 14, 2024
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DOMINICA, (February 19, 2024)- The Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) proudly presents the winners of the Mas Domnik 2024 Carnival, a spectacular event that showcased the vibrant culture and outstanding talent of the island. This year’s carnival, known as “The Real Mas,” was a dazzling array of music, dance, and visual artistry. The winners, who stood out for their creativity and showmanship, on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, February 12 & 13 respectively, have successfully encapsulated the spirit of the carnival, further enriching Dominica’s cultural heritage.

In an exciting twist this year, Discover Dominica Authority introduced a new award category that captured the hearts of many: the People’s Choice Top Contemporary Costume Band Award. This innovative addition has been pivotal as it added a democratic element to the awards. It also fostered a layer of inclusivity and engagement that encouraged a deeper connection with the carnival community.

Readers are invited to join in celebrating these champions and their significant contributions to this grand celebration. The results are as follows:

People’s Choice Top Contemporary Costume Band Award (online voting): Pulse Experience

Opening Parade:

  • Best Carnival Business Float:
    • 1st Place: National Cooperative Credit Union
    • 2nd Place: Belfast Estate
    • 3rd Place: Fine Foods Inc.
  • Best Flag Wavers Group: NBD Flag Wavers
    Jou Ouvè:
  • First Lapo Kabwit Band: Police Lapo Kabwit
  • Lapo Kabwit with the Largest Following: Police Lapo Kabwit
  • Best Male: Grim Ripper
  • Best Female: Deborah Laville
  • Best Sennsé: Ian Michael Anthony
  • Largest Ole Mas Group: Chou Poul
  • Best Jou Ouvè Costume Group: Runaway Groom
  • Lapo Kabwit with Most Lavway: Police Lapo Kabwit
  • Best Ole Mas Band: Chou Poul
  • Longest Lapo Kabwit: Police Lapo Kabwit
  • Largest Lapo Kabwit: Chou Poul
  • Best Jou Ouvè Group: Lumination
  • Best Theatrical Group: Rum Die
  • Best Pappy Show Wedding: Chou Poul
  • Ole Mas Parade Winners:
  • Best Ole Mas Band
    • 1st Place: Thunderbirds
    • 2nd Place: Pure Mas Creative
  • Best Creative Individual Male: Daryl Phillip
  • Best Creative Individual Female: Giselle Allport (Madea)
  • Carnival Monday Parade Youth Mas Winners:
  • Children Band of The Year
    • 1st Place: Paix Bouche Primary School
    • 2nd Place: Lucia Lander Dance Group
    • 3rd Place: Grand Bay Primary 4H Club
  • Children King of the Band: Paix Bouche Primary School
  • Children Queen of the Band: Paix Bouche Primary School
  • Best Children Float 
    • 1st Place: Dominica Grammar School Art Club
    • 2nd Place: Castle Bruce Secondary School
    • 3rd Place: Saint Mary’s Academy 4H Club
    • Children and Secondary Schools Category:
    • Best Children Sennsé: Grand Bay Primary School
    • Secondary Schools Band of the Year
      •  1st Place: Castle Bruce Secondary School
      •  2nd Place: Convent High School
    • Secondary School King of the Band: Castle Bruce Secondary School
    • Secondary School Queen of the Band: Castle Bruce Secondary School
    • Carnival Monday T-Shirt Bands Category:
    • Carnival Monday T-shirt Band:
      •  1st Place: Amnesia- Crazy Mess
      •  2nd Place: Klubirds
      •  3rd Place: Triple Kay- Mega Monday
    • Carnival Tuesday Parade Costume Bands Category:
    • Best Contemporary Band of the Year
      • 1st Place: Pulse Experience
      • 2nd Place: Amnesia
      • 3rd Place: Fantasy Tribe
    • Best Traditional Band of the Year 
      •  1st Place: Afrikulture Stilt Walkers 2nd Place: New Town Bwa Bwa Academy
      •  3rd Place: Thunderbirds
    • Special Award for Carnival Spirit: Ole Time Sake
    • Adult Traditional King of the Band: Afrikulture Stilt Walkers
    • Adult Traditional Queen of the Band: Afrikulture Stilt Walkers
    • Adult Contemporary King of the Band: Amnesia
    • Adult Contemporary Queen of the Band: Pulse Experience