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Bishop-elect Forbes calls for patience and prayer

Bishop-elect of the diocese of Roseau Kendrick John Forbes who made his first official visit to Dominica this week since Rome announced him as the bishop said he is still “processing” the nomination but is “humbled and honoured” and has asked for prayers as he takes up his new appointment.

He made his first official visit to Dominica ahead of his July 25 installation and was part of a mass at the Cathedral Chapel where he met the clergy and Catholics of the diocese.

“It’s a joy to be here and I am still processing and grappling with a wide range of emotions since my nomination by the Holy Father as your new Bishop. I am humbled and honoured by this appointment and I am truly grateful to Archbishop Gabriel and Monsignor John-Lewis for their warm welcome ever since the announcement was made public…thank you so kindly,” he stated.

“I come to you as a stranger, but I hope that over time, and by God’s grace, I will become a friend and a brother. And, if you are wondering about who I am, let me tell you that I am a simple servant of the Lord fighting for holiness. I am also a product of a very small community in the Bahamas called Long Island and a product of an extended family brought up in a strong Catholic faith by my grandmother. And so, I credit everything in my life as a priest to her prayers, her love, and her support.”

He continued, “Ever since my appointment many questions have been asked about what plans I set to implement. But let me share with you the conviction that lies at the depth of my soul…in our Christian faith what lies in it is not an idea, not so much a system of hope or a plan of action but at the heart of all things is a person to form and mold our lives and that man is Jesus.”

“So, all I seek to do in your midst is to proclaim Him, crucified, raised from the dead and he is our salvation, hope, and life. So, what can you expect of me…you can expect that I will be among you as God’s servant and I will pour out my heart of service to you, yes, I will make mistakes, I will get some things wrong but you can expect that I will always strive to be a humble servant seeking by God’s grace to love you from the heart of the good Shepard. So, I ask you to love me, be patient with me, pray with me and for me, pray that I come to know you and you come to know me as we come to know and serve the Lord,” Bishop-elect Forbes stated.