Basketball continues despite the resignation of key officials

Dunstan Maggie Peters
Embattled president of the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association (DABA) Dunstan “Maggie” Peters

The embattled president of the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association (DABA) Dunstan “Maggie” Peters has opined that despite the resignation of his vice president and secretary, the basketball agenda will move full speed ahead.

Earlier this week, Gerry Williams and Peter Ricketts resigned from their positions as secretary and vice president respectively amid growing concerns over the behavior of their president.

According to Peter, while the resignation of the duo is not welcomed news, the executive will continue to push on with its agenda.

 “We are well on the way to executing the mission that we set out which is to raise the level of the quality of Dominica basketball. A lot has been put in place. We have a number of ongoing programs with the under 16, under 18, and under 21. We also have the female program that we are putting in place.

“We have a coaching program whereby we can certify a number of coaches so that they can teach the sport properly which is a very important component. This certification program will start soon. We already have started in that regard. So actually, the process continues and it is to give the coaches more access to knowledge so that they can develop high-quality athletes. So the work continues and we are not going to stop. We have to keep on moving and pull together,” he confidently asserted.