Dominica to participate in under 20 qualifiers

Moziah Bonney
Moziah Bonney-Under 20 national player-All photos credit Clyde K. Jno Baptiste

The Dominica Football Association (DFA) has announced 20 players to participate in the 2021 Concacaf under 20 qualifying tournaments.

The players selected are;

  1. Lenell Darroux
  2. Jervon Burton
  3. Ethan Nichols
  4. Mosiah Bonney
  5. Laquante Alphonse
  6. Keeyan Thomas
  7. Donte Warringtom
  8. Yhan Timothy
  9. Felix Anselm
  10. Malachai Bonney
  11. Jervan Matthew
  12. Marcus Bredas
  13. Donte Warrington
  14. Adriel Lawrence
  15. KadimeL Paul
  16. Ervince Lockhart
  17. Jason Joseph
  18. Roosevelt Coipel
  19. Glenson Scotland
  20. Shane Parillon
Felix Jr Anslem
Malachai Bonney
Adriel Lawrence
Ethan Nichols
Jevon Matthew
Omarian Brumant
Keeyan Thomas
Sachin Thomas
Ervine Lockhart
Jevon Burton
Dante Warrington
Kadimel Paul
Laquante Alphonse
Glenson Scotland
Dale Dangleben
Lenell Darroux
Marcus Bredas
Yhan Timothy
Shane Parillion
Tariq Joseph
Jason Joseph

The unit will be coached by the former national player and senior national team assistant coach, Colin Bernard. Bernard will have Euclid Bertrand as his assistant. Joel Hamilton is the trainer with Enoch Lee as the Medics. Alganan Degallerie will serve as the team manager with David Williams as the goalkeeper coach.

In the Dominican Republic, Dominica will take on Grenada in its opening encounter on Sunday, 7th November. The second game will be against Dutch St. Marteen on the 9th followed by the game against Curacao on the 11th. The final group match will take place on 13th November against the British Virgin Islands. Dominica is placed on Group A.  

The winner of the group will advance to the next round of competition.