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NCCU Rebrands as it continues to make significant growth

The NCCU will be holding its Annual General Meeting, on Tuesday, June 27th, 2023, from 5 pm at the St Alphonsus Parish Hall in Goodwill, and the board is calling on members to be present at that meeting.

Speaking at a rebranding of the society acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Co-operative Credit Union (NCCU) Curth Charles explained that while they are aware, that they are operating in “a very competitive financial market”, he is proud to report that NCCU was able to achieve – $30 million net growth in our Net Loans portfolio, – $44.7 million net asset growth and with a -total membership of over 51 thousand members, for the year ending December 31, 2022, the society made a net surplus of $4.6 million.

“Our continued success is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our staff who continues to go above and beyond to ensure that their duties are efficiently performed so that the membership receives great service at whatever branch or department that they visit,” Charles stated.

He paid tribute to the Board of Directors, Credit Committee and the Supervisory and Compliance Committee who he boasts have “sacrificed their time voluntarily to ensure the timely approval of loans, the creation of strategic policies and to ensure that the institution operates within the confines of the Cooperative Societies Act and the NCCU by-laws.”

In addressing the rebranding of the society, Charles explained, that in 2020 the Board of Directors felt at the time that the organization needed “a fresher and more current look” and feel at the NCCU. Since then, they have been working towards re-branding the society to underscore “our cooperative and Credit Union principles in a more vibrant and current way.” 

“That is why we are officially launching the new NCCU brand and logo. This is not just a logo change but an institution-wide change where we take our rightful position to be the leading financial institution in Dominica. We are embarking on this journey, further transforming the NCCU into a member-oriented organization, to provide you our membership with the change that you so desire, with an even stronger focus on providing excellent products and efficient services throughout all our seven branches across the island.”

He continued, “The revitalized brand carries updated colors and a new slogan/catchphrase which is “Your Community Financial Partner”. This is what the NCCU is, your community financial partner of choice. The new brand symbol uses the four letters that make up the acronym of our name – NCCU.

The acronym is configured in a visually pleasing manner where all four letters are connected in a symmetrical diamond pattern which represents the connection and intertwining of similar cooperative values between NCCU and the membership it serves. The symbol also represents unity, and the idea of coming together to form a stronger family.”

He explained further, that the colours chosen for the logo, stay true to the mother brand of the global credit union community with a modern and more vibrant twist. “NCCU has integrated shades of yellow and blue which highlight and personify the vibrant aspects of our internal culture which we want to share with our members through service and interaction. These brand colours serve as a visual reminder of the forward progress that the NCCU has made in the years of its existence and represent what the newly rebranded National Co-operative Credit Union is going to be,” he posited.

“Bearing all of this in mind, we humbly present to you the revitalized NCCU brand.

Look out for this updated logo and brand in-house at our branches and on all our promotional materials moving forward. Remember the positive growth and change your institution is experiencing.”

“Of course, we cannot forget that our institution would not be where it is today if it was not for you our members who continue to make us their financial partner and has made us into the financial service giant that NCCU has developed into today,” he said.

“Looking forward, we are committed to serving you with excellent member services, which is our main strategic goal on our strategic plan for 2023 to 2026…we also look forward to serving you with the services and products that you demand from us, and we are confident that we will remain your financial partner of choice, to better your lives and by extension the communities around Dominica.”