Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Hundreds gather to bid farewell to media Icon Ferdina Frampton

It was emotional and sad, the shells were blown as the body left the church, the tears were touching and endless, and it was hurting but despite that, the farewell was grand, super, and fitting of the person that Ferdina Frampton was.

The school children gathered, the politicians, Her Excellency the President of Dominica and her husband, those lives that she touched, the FLOW family, all made her final send-off to one of grace and dignity fitting of a queen.

The funeral mass was held at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Pointe Michel and officiated by Fr. Herman Sharplis a close family friend and Fr. Elton Letang. Her body was laid to rest in her late father’s grave (Ferdinand Frampton) in Pointe Michel.

Part of the Eulogy of Ferdina Frampton

Ferdina was a beautiful, shining angel who dedicated her life to beaming light and upliftment wherever her voice and smile could reach. Her wings were spread wide to embrace, shelter, and bring together so many while she suppressed her pain and suffering so others could be happy. She lit a beacon that beamed throughout the darkest corners of her beloved country and beyond for years.

It provided light to many when darkness overwhelmed them. This is the life Ferdina lived, and this is her passing we celebrate.

Her endearing impulse always prioritizes unity over conflict, and love over hate. Ferdina’s humanity and empathy for others had roots in the many struggles, challenges, and disappointments she endured and overcame.

May she eternally broadcast with the angles.

A life well lived


Ferdina was more than just a colleague, she was an integral part of our company’s fabric. She brought vibrancy, dedication, and an unparalleled spirit to our workplace. Her unique ability to connect with everyone she encountered made her a cherished figure, not only within our organization but across the community.

Ferdina’s impact extended far beyond our office walls. Her influence reached across her beloved Dominica, where she touched countless lives through her radio show and represented our company with grace on the airwaves. She was not just a professional; she was a genuine, warm-hearted individual who left an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to know her.

Her dedication to others, her welcoming nature, and her commitment to ensuring the comfort and happiness of those around her set her apart. Ferdina’s presence was a source of inspiration and her absence will be deeply felt by all of us.

As we mourn the loss of our dear friend and colleague, we remember Ferdina with the warmth and joy she brought to our lives. May she rest in peace, surrounded by the love she so freely gave, and rise in glory, leaving a legacy of kindness and connection that will forever be remembered.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ferdina’s family during this tough time, and we are offering support to one another as we navigate through the days ahead.